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I must be so used to the Netherlands , with their obsession for all that’s shiny and new, their fascination with new buildings and habit of knocking down and replacing anything that looks a tad shabby, because it looked like ( to me) the whole of Italy should be placed on the historical protection list, everything about the country seems so ancient, yes yes yes ‘but it is’ I hear you cry…but I mean everything, even the oxygen, the ground beneath my feet the people!!

Italy has always made it difficult for me to visit, and this was my fourth attempt. Not even a missed flight stopped me this time! And despite a shaky start it was a truly EPIC weekend. Man those Italians are sharp. It all started at midnight at Milano. And a spin down to Verona.

There is no world without Verona walls, But purgatory, torture, hell itself. Hence banished is banished from the world, And world's exile is death.

My heart nearly died with the beauty of it . Sunrise in the square, nobody but us there to see the dawns first light bouncing of the buildings to invigorate us to continue our journey to Bologna , Cento and eventually Pieve di cento, and there i had it all. Think of Italy what is the first thing that pops into your mind. Exactly ! I had all that …… the Italian farm house in the countryside , the farmyard with the bails of hay sitting picturesque along side the fields of corn, the hot hot sun that had me in the shade, the Italian mother who had food at every turn I made. How do they do that?? The wine out on the porch, , the whitewashed walls , the new born kittens roaming about . But the icing on the cake was the brilliant ancient , and extremely sharp, grandmother sitting in the shade watching over the whole proceedings.What a great holiday.

A trip to the restaurant with a bunch of very expressive Italians had me wondering why food isn’t just worshiped instead of eaten, it was an epic meal with more courses than I can remember, and the waiter had me in stitches as he described in accurate detail not only the food but how it was cooks and why in that way, in a dramatic Italian flare. ( I was waiting for him to burst into song) ahhhh the warmth and the greetings, the way it takes people at least an hour to say goodbye to one another, the expressions the drama, the good life.

If I thought Verona was amazing nothing prepared me for Venice. It was beyond words how does such a city exist, sure I have heard of it, sure i have seen pictures of it, heard friends talk about it, but I never experienced it until today. And how happy I was to be there with natives. As I would have been lost wondering eternally in circles if it was not for them, What a city it must be seen, it must be experienced, and yes you need money!!!

My favourite moment was sitting in the setting sun by the shore watching the tourists and crowds filter off the couples strolling by , and choicing not to go to an overpriced café but sit by the water and make a sandwich . Yes I am very Lucky. Wished i could have stayed longer, so much to see and do too much to take in, its a feast for the eyes and heart, its one beautiful city. Quotes of the week ( so as not to forget)

'This one is without shoes' ( translation) - a native to me as I leaped from the train seconds before it departed!

If you stay here I will teach you everything!!!!( translation) - A cool Italian Grandma.

Because you where not obedient- A Crazy Italian Prof

5:24 p.m. - 2007-07-09


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