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Woerden- end scene

My travels to Woerden began as most of my trips in the Netherlands have, with a tired head from the night before. So I headed off, on my bike with the intentions of seeing a friend in a street theatre. What a bizarre little town we found, and a bizarre Saturday too. The trip there was beautiful, Again typical of Holland with intertwining canals and country houses, each house being more unique than the next , decorated with all kinds of artistic displays of flowers and hanging baskets ,we passed sleepy farms complete with different free roaming animals. There was all kinds of sleepy peaceful beauty at every undisturbed corner, lazy winds and neat ordered rows of houses, overshadowed by large trees and the odd windmill and boast here and there, and so we peddled 20 km though this idyllic countryside.

It has become very clear to me why street theatre and carnivals are popular here, and why this country will celebrate anything, sure anybody would go slowly insane with all this tranquillity, all opportunity to go a little crazy is welcome. Reached Woerden to find madness, and costumes, music and drama. Found B's show, and for an hour my eyes feasted on the drama the skill the colours and the life, although the story was in a different language and looked kind of complex for my poor tired brain ,a few drinks later a trip to a ’castle’ some food and it was time to jump back on the bike and cycle back home. and in more ways than one the end of the scene.

5:23 p.m. - 2007-07-09


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