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A few drinks with friends led to some interesting conversations about cloud seeding the other day. I heard they where all at it over in Beijing for the olympics and my scientist friends where trying to grasp the basic concepts behind it. Which lead to (among other craziness) talks of water divining (sometimes scientists can be so closed minded). It was about after my 3rd whiskey and a trip to the canal that I realized that I don't need crazy weather modification techniques, Cherokee rain dancing or 24 hour T.V weather stations. I have a method of predication all of my own, that allows me to know exactly what will happen weather-wize here in Holland. As unpredictable as the weather here is, my method is fool proof. I call it the arse to the saddle rule! (trade mark) .

I have yet to elucidate the science behind my method or validate this unique technique, but it indeed works. Basically the closer my arse is to the saddle of my bike, the greater the chances it will rain! and not only that but the varying strength of the rain can be determined by the importance of my bike trip. Let me explain further: If I need groceries, and I hop on my bike , it may drizzle lightly. If I hop on my bike to go for beers in town it WILL rain. If I have an appointment it will rain heavily and if i have a hot date (inclusive of the obligatory make up on and non appropriate biking clothes ) ...........oh be warned it will lash from the heavens! For the patchy days ( i.e. days with hazy sunshine and drizzle and heavy rain, that occurs when I intend to do a small bit of shopping (sun) end up with bags hanging off my bike (rain) and bump into good looking tall dutchie (lashing)

Yes, Yes Yes (a.k.a ouiyeaseaci) I am vain and narcissistic enough to think the entire weather patterns of the globe revolves around me and my arse!

10:22 a.m. - 2007-08-20


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