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i vote for world peace

My trip to Roma was great all too eventful to even begin writing about. In summary Rome is on a scale all of its own. The city has history and religion running through its veins. A GREAT CITY AND A GREAT OCCASION. Its funny though, when I dreamt of being in Rome I never did dream I would be wondering the sights and streets with my family and a Russian exchange student, perhaps some dreams ( even those involving Robert Downey Jr) are really not as entertaining and amusing as what real life can bring your way!

Now I am back to reality. I have landed back to a cold grey Holland.
How lovely and refreshing to have a crisp cold wind, it is nearly bracing enough to make me want to give up this great diet I am on, of chocolate and coffee and get healthy.

Today (and what I expect to be doing for some time now) I stared at my computer for what seemed like an eternity. I sat there willing my pages of data to turn into something they are not! I followed this by more cups of coffee, more pondering the origins of language and international communications. This is fast becoming my new fascination. For example imagine if language could only be used literally! These ponderings come from spending too much time staring at a computer. After having realised that no work was going to be accomplished today I came home 10 minutes ago to find that the Dutch town hall have sent me a voting cardů.now if they think I am Dutch I wonder what else I can get from them.

5:00 p.m. - 2007-09-19


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