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It was glaringly obvious that this is not anything like The Netherlands, as I stepped out of new street station I was greeted by crowds of smokers unhealthily huddled in a cold breeze puffing away 10 meters from the entrance. Large ‘Thank you for not smoking’ signs gaudily thrown up everywhere I looked. I wonder if these exiled smokers think of their Dutch counterparts, in cosy warm accepting ‘browns’ cafes, with jealousy.

Crowds of smokers at every entrance and exit point, is not the only thing I forgot about after nearly being hit by the traffic (all going in the wrong direction!!) I was also hit by a blast of all the other things familiar, all the things I had forgotten about in my dreamy idyllic countryside of Utrecht, new books new music new everything, yes I hit the commercial centre within hours of my arrival now I want everything a new phone a new Mac new clothes I want I want I want I want I want …….Well I did get a new life complete with new house, new housemates, new number, new bank acc, within 6 hours of arrival so a few extras wouldn’t hurt Although at the moment I am wondering around campus with a hole in my new bank account and in my old shoes. I feel like a bad country western song.

These people all look so cold and harsh and my street is very bizarre, it’s like being dropped in the middle of those soaps on T.V. My next door neighbour is a character and the shops are in a funny order, there is a bridal shop next to a tattoo parlour and I can avail of double glazing, a new toilet or computer parts 24 hours a day…very weird! But the excitement of roaming around another new city was deadned a bit by a tinge of loneliness as I know no one here, thank God for phones I would have died! But borders, starbucks, and bacon quickly healed that pain!

And so I have traded my lovely apartment for a creaky old house, my bike for a smelly bus, my kitchen complete with all sorts of lovely things for a kitchen with one pot!! My pancake house for a greasy 'golden cafe ' where the items on the menu could be mistaken for dog food my country side fro a very busy road ( I can hear the cars trundling up and down now) But having said all that generally so far I like it. I am amazed at how quickly I got settled, and arranged everything. I am excited to start a new project excited to see what is on offer here for me, and excited to see what the people are like. So generally you could say I am excited!

2:36 p.m. - 2007-11-01


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