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unhealthy city=unhealthy people

This university certainly looks a lot nicer than Utrecht, complete with clock tower and old spooky large wooden hallways with large imposing ridiculous statues of British monarchy Edwards and Johns and the likes, smells of mothballs (how do I know what they smell like?) and its funny it probably hasn't changed much since it first opened back in the 1900, expect for the Starbucks and culture of consumption around seems like shopping is the only thing to do here! (and everything is very expensive!!)

Week one in England went....well not without a hitch, let’s just say I am having accommodation issues, the newbie of the house arrived last week a day after me. I don't know how I manage to get myself into these situations.........BUT I am now living with a pure larger drinking tracksuit clad hard core Brit, and a x-con to boot!! The nights I do spend in are spent in my house in the middle of nowhere listening to prison boy prattle on about the woos of life behind bars, being a single dad, having an abusive childhood, domestics, violence, how the world is to blame, for the fact that he has to beat people up and general fighting stories...yada yada yada yada...while he was polishing of a 6 pack of larger, I sleep with the lights on, one eye open and my phone in my hand. You may think its paranoid, but the other day I woke up to flowers and drunken texts on my phone. It’s typical, when I heard a British guy I had visions of a Jude Law type, hell I would even take a con if he looked like Michael Scofield, or at least had a cause ….. but no I get this dude!

Week two in England, is commencing….enter flat mate 2. A polish girl, at last I (mistakenly) thought to myself, my salvation from the scary admirations of prison boy. The girl barely lasted two minutes in the house, I made her a cuppa...but she burst into tears and ran off...I haven't seen her since?? I really don’t know, but the scientist in me has a hypothesis, this country is just not good for anyone’s health. Give it a few months; I might turn out to be just as crazy as my housemates!!

3:18 p.m. - 2007-11-12


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