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I have enjoyed my depression all too much in the last few weeks. My deserved hot chocolates and cookies, the hours spent mooching in my pj's having cups of tea, or the hours spent in Borders are all guilt free as I am depressed. I donít have to work, depressed people donít work, and living here merits these little luxuries in life. I can listen to Tim Mcgraw/Giorgio Conte and spend half a day Starbucks, go on pointless dates, itís all excusable, itís all allowed, itís all okay because I am depressed.

Of course now I have realised that this country is not so bad, a weekend away climbing mountains will cure anyoneís depression, and so my energy is back. I may have to say a sad goodbye to my nice cosy chocolate depression, as I have come to understand that just like a good pub, itís not so much the location but the people present there, that will ultimately keep me happy. Yes I am slow to realise these things. I am lucky therefore to have met some genuinely nice and interesting people from all over the world, and with Christmas just around the corner I am back , yes back to la Dolce vita.

2:53 p.m. - 2007-12-02


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