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a fallen octoberest ( on being a former octoberest)

I always thought of myself as an Octoberest. There is something about that time of year that I love. The calm sleepy days. The red and brown hues. Hibernation. Long evenings that stretch on for ever and ever. I always thought of spring as being far too busy. A lot of energy expenditure. All those birds chirping away to hold down their territory (and all that lark) All those bulbs noisily sticking their heads above ground. Instead of a lovely bed of old leaves that crunch in a comforting sound beneath my feet there is just a schizophrenic landscape transforming itself with dramatic growth spurts. Phew all that activity…it usually makes me wish for October again

But this year marks a change.

This year I am happy to see spring come around. I presume this change in me is due to the accumulative effect of working in a greenhouse and watching the box set of David Attenboroughs ‘Planet Earth’. I have decided it is a good change, as it has me full of energy, and new found ambitions, and also very active.....working 2 jobs , volunteering with park rangers, art classes, salsa dancing, discovering new pubs and making new friends. Yes I am feeling in tune with spring this year. In fact Birmingham doesn’t look so bad in this new light.

10:08 p.m. - 2008-02-08


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