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I never really had the desire to see London. It's not a city that ever appealed to me. All the stories and poems that where drummed into us in Irish class where about young country innocents over in London who manages to somehow be transformed by the power of the big, evil, destructive city, and not having any sense or brains they usually turn into an alcoholic or a caláin scráide ( agus rudaí mar sin). Perhaps those depressing stories somehow played an unconscious subliminal factor in my having no desire to see London......but anyway at this stage what could be worse than Birmingham so I took a trip down there….and I loved it. Oh the energy it gave me for the week. Amazingly I wasn’t transformed into any character from Irish literature.

The best thing about London was the underground; I could stay there all day and watch all forms of life parade by. It’s a real feast for the eyes, the colours the fashion the conversations people have, the clothes, the crazies everything! It’s a little microcosm of the world’s diversity in one small movable tube that whizzes all over the city.

I’m very lucky; I have the knack of meeting the coolest people. I had a nice guided tour from some Spaniards who live and work in the city. Spanish people Rock! It’s always nice to see a city from this perspective. It adds a different dimension to the city. So I did the sites, London bridge, Westminster the London eye, Buckingham Palace, the parks, I loved Camden markets, the punks the gothic shops the food, it was magnificent. Some how there is an energy there, which makes me feel like I can accomplish anything I want. Don’t ask me why an ordinary city of plain bricks and concrete gave me that feeling but it just did. Maybe I needed (another) change of scenery.

So the weekend drew to a close and with art classes, salsa dancing , CrAzY ColIn , classical music concerts ( don’t ask) school my lab and work I am 100% shattered , but its already Saturday again and time to start al over

4:54 p.m. - 2008-02-23


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