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Canada - St Patricks Day 2008

Each morning while on the red line bound towards work my mind drifts to all the cites in the world I have not seen, to all the countries I have yet to discover, to exotic sounding locations where the sky is not always grey and where wind doesn’t cut your bones, to worlds very different from mine, to sunny cities with little cobbled streets whose history can still be seen in its old buildings, to small villages nestled in the backdrop of some mountain all peaceful and still and green, or to worlds made of ice all blue, sharp and sculpted .

…….azure skies, sand, cobbled streets, mountains, rivers, market places, spices, foreign languages, ice cream, sunglasses, cotton, tall grass, glaziers, tundra, meadows, sunsets , sandals , tall buildings, funny accents, backpacks, snow, oceans, architecture, gargoyles ,language, parks, strangers, distant shores……..

My day dreaming is so vivid that I can see myself walking down these imaginary streets, buying funny food in large open air Asian markets or climbing distant hills, and on occasion I get so immersed in my imaginary world I, again, miss my stop and have to wait at a cold smelly platform to go backwards late for work. Yes nothing makes me smile like the words ‘trans-Atlantic flight’

When I was small and the world was big I thought I would never get to see any of these places. Now I am big and the world is small, and everything is different. I think airports are the Cathedrals of the future.

10:48 p.m. - 2008-03-30


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