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long weekend

My friend was sick this weekend. There is something so immediate and extreme about being in the back of an ambulance, it’s just so unexpected. The A&E of this city is a whole other surreal world. A world populated with strange, unfortunate, drunk, and mad people. All thrown together in one place. All basking in the glow of that horrible green/yellow luminescent strip lighting. After 30 minutes the smell of urine and blood is not so bad, but the music of unheeded screams, bleeping machines, alarms and sirens never stops. How can anyone work there?

Well this is how I spent my weekend, and I cant get the faces out of my mind, that ghost woman who was starving herself to death, the fat drunk sleeping in his own vomit, the old trippy woman, howling with a shrill voice that would send ice through anyone’s bones yet nobody even looked at her, oxygen masks and drips, trolleys of sick people rolling in every few minutes a world of problems on each trolley, just left abandoned in the hall, and so much blood. So quickly where there once was life it is gone, and another alarm goes off and everyone moves on was a long weekend.

11:21 p.m. - 2008-05-27


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