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'Cinderalla's in the cafe on the corner flicking through a magazine, shes a stranger here and thats just how she wants it, no one here knows who she's been' -DM

I stay because:

1. The university campus looks pretty, especially when the sun shines. There are absent minded Profs in tweed suits running around with cups of T#tea or sitting in the pub loudly discussing another amazing new notion. Not one of them too interested in what the chamberlain 100m clock tower (the tallest free standing clock tower in the world) has to say. The fruit stand outside my office smells of strawberries as I pass it. Its not Cambridge or Oxford (actually its 92nd on that list!) but the red brick 1900 buildings have a nice feel to it. And with a spare hour the Aston Webb building is lovely to roam about in or I can visit my favourite paintings in the Barber Arts House.

2. Birmingham city. Most of the main streets have its unofficial logo ‘brighter safer cleaner’ plastered up on street signs- it always make me laugh. Brighter ,safer and cleaner than what? Port Moresby!!! Its home to over 100000 people, which makes this city of a thousand trades the second largest in the UK. So although it’s hard to say its pretty, it does have everything you could need. Even if everyone here is a little too obsessed with hair nails and clothes (especially the men) it can be nice sometimes to have a urban shopping paradise, especially on Sundays where I can sit in starbucks/borders with a paper from anywhere in the world, sipping on an overpriced posh coffee, and watch the people trundle along like they have since the 12th century to that famous bull ring market. Victoria square , the predestined square in the middle of town can look impressive with the town hall at one side and the Council house at the other, the floozy in the Jacuzzi in the middle makes for a nice meeting point. There are so many restaurants and pubs and cafes about town, a sea life centre and botanical gardens many parks, museums, and galleries, etc Its not easy to be bored here.

3. Train stations. It’s a bit autistic but I love public transport, and motions wither its spinning about town in the passenger seat of a car, on a bus, taxi, or plane, I love to travel. So it makes me smile that every morning I get to take the train to work. Some of the stations are so cute, with hanging baskets of flowers and conductors popping their head out the train windows. It’s like a cartoon. The thing about travel is that you have just left one place and you have not yet arrived at the destination so all the worries or problems that are waiting are …well……. waiting!

4. Two for one cinema and Nando's every Thursday.....the small things in life

5. The canal system. Britain has a temperate maritime climate, and sometimes it can be so nice to just cycle along the canals in perfect weather, not too hot not to cold no wind or rain just perfect. Freewheeling along, the canals are never empty, the brightly barges cruse by often, upsetting the herons and ducklings that are struggling by in single file all protected between mammy and daddy. It makes the city seem more ……..liveable

6. The number one reason, I have met some cool people here. In general people who live here hail from every part of the world, it makes for interesting chats.

6 reasons I can still be found in Birmingham. Tomorrow I go to Oxford 

12:22 p.m. - 2008-07-05


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