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cinderalla waits at terminal 11 freedom folded into 4' - DM

'Woke up to this morning with the rain tapping on my roof, and visions of you spinning around inside my head, my consciousness took a while to catch me up, oh blessed moment before the pain' - DM

I have ants in my living room and kitchen, I canít see where they are coming from but Iím sure the plates of food and overflowing rubbish bins donít help. House shares are evil. Then the mail came, a Scottish company are suing me. Great! Battled my way up the Pershore road, and off to university, I logged on to find I owe library fees, apparently all this time I have been here I have not been registered! Why not? Well apparently nobody quite knows how to register me or what I am doing here or what department I belong to. Itís July but there is lighting outside my window its 10am going to be a long day. This is the point in my stay where I must compile an ĎI love Birminghamí list so I donít end up in Birmingham international airport.

Why do I stay??

12:19 p.m. - 2008-07-05


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