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refreshing weekend away

As I left New Street train station a bunch of luminescent police were installing some metal detecting devices at the train station, itís hard to remember why I live here. When I arrived in Bristol after a short journey and looked up from my book I saw a sky full of hot air balloons that is when I knew I would like Bristol. It was magical, all different colours and sizes just floating peacefully in the grey sky.

Every city here is kind of similar, same shops, same looking streets, same grey sky, same funny people; the cities are all carbon copies of each other. H and M, Borders, Cafť Rouge, Pitcher and Piano, Next, Oasis, Nandos, Pizza Express, Boots all the same places all the same cities. Sarbuckafacation of the nation. But Bristol has a nice feeling to it, the cityís older churches and castles make it seem different, the university in the city centre is beautiful, and the river that runs through it is what I miss here in the Midlands. Itís strange that it feels like a seaside town but itís actually a few miles from the seaside, but the gulls are always to be heard squawking.

Anyway I slept in a church was awoken by Sunday service singing, drank wine, eat out went sightseeing. Suspension bridge, Vincentís rock, Clifton. I really enjoyed walking the streets of Bristol. I suppose I may have a bad view of UK staying in the Ham all the time. So a weekend in Bristol was refreshing. Nest weekend London :)

12:47 p.m. - 2008-08-12


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