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time to leave

Tomorrow my sister will come and get me. She will arrive in a shiny red car and take me away on a ferry across the winter grey sea and home. She will take me away from this dull place. Away from having to live with a murderer, an escaped mental case, and other colourful characters whom to describe would be pointless as words would not convey the peculiarity of it all. Away from the nasty tasteless food - why canít tea ever taste right here? Away form meeting people who have been sectioned (I think I have met more than the average). Away from bus 47 and the Pershore road, where you are likely to see a woman trying to throw herself off a bridge, while people pass her by indifferent. Away from bulldogs and defunct phone boxes. She will save me from random metal detectors screenings (can that be legal??) and from constantly being on CCTV (again legal?), and from having to hear people sprout on about their rights. She will save me from this very strange country.

But I shall leave behind the escape of a consumer paradise. I will say goodbye to starbucks and four story labyrinth like book shops, the mailbox and all its liveliness at night time, I will miss getting lost at train stations and finding cute little towns. I will miss Bournville in autumn time; itís not a bad place to live if you are an Octoberistt! I will miss meeting and working with interesting people from all over the world, who can tell me stories of different cultures and cities where I have never travelled to. I will miss living in a multi-cultural city. I will leave behind the drama on Broad Street every Saturday night, watching overweight police run up and down the party street arresting drunks while trying to ignore the abuse being hurled at them- every now and then itís like a scene from COPS. Itís a city thatís difficult to be bored in. I will miss my relaxed Sunday ritual and the chilled out spots down Brindly place. Itís easy to sell your soul to a city for a cuppa coffee and a very large mall. Its time Ė one year is too long to live in the ĎHam. Its time to leave

7:56 a.m. - 2008-12-17


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