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spring fever

These mornings I awake to the chirping racket of a bunch of horny green finches outside my window. I watch them in the crisp bright spring air and I can feel it…….yes SPRING is finally here, and its not just on my balcony this whole city is awakening. I have to navigate a safe path through the gaggles of ga ga geese that take over the bridges on the canals by my house as I cycle into the city. This new season has them going mental too.

The snowdrops in Amelisweerd seem like they number in the thousands. They all bow their heads secretly to me as I wander by. The last sentinel of the dark months, once they go, colour will follow. ……..and as I pedal my wobble old bike further afield enjoying my new days of freedom watching everyone enjoying the sun in the parks, I am glad that after a grey UK winter there is nothing as beautiful as springtime in Holland.

5:06 p.m. - 2009-03-21


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