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Sometimes happiness is as simple as

Basking in the sunshine in West Princes Street Gardens, with a magnificent castle domineering the skyline, short bread in my tummy and spring blooming all around me.

Strolling down George street in a new summer dress, with a new city waiting for me to explore its streets . A take out coffee from starbucks in one hand and a great music selection on my iPod in the other hand.


People watching on the royal mile, being a bad tourist, taking mental pictures of the picture takers. Watching the tours as they eagerly rush to see the next attraction….another church another statue… interview over and not a care in the world to wipe the smile form my face.

Getting lost in old town among the steep steps, the churches and all the old stone and history beneath my sandaled feet, with a nice beer buzz and a warm breeze bringing the evening to a close

Yep sometimes life is just this simple, easy, nice and happy.

5:39 p.m. - 2009-04-08


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