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It’s a typical work day. After a yummy hazelnut latte with honey from my new coffee machine I hop on my bike. Which route will I take? Will I cycle through the historic little streets of Utrecht and join the masses on bikes. No. Today I take a new route. Through the forest’ I meet no one. Singing the tunes from last night Eurovision Semifinals (seriously- the times are a changing!!) I cycle through a little slice of heaven. The woods smell amazing after the rain. I pedal my way through some green fields, which still have the low morning mist hanging around them hiding the cows from one another. Onwards over little wooden bridges past some funny looking German bunkers from WWII, I sit for a bit and watch some herons resting by the canals for a while, these little canals wind all through my morning cycle. Then comes the country houses and the little gardens that add a dash of colour and a human element to the landscape, the frogs cheer and croak me on my way……..…….…well I make my destination without getting side tracked or falling asleep in fields (…again)

Now as I begin my ‘work’ I think about all the people in the rat race, all the people living in places like Kings Norton. I think about the other working people stuck in a traffic jams all over the world, waiting to get to work so the mortgage can be paid , petrol, electric bills, kids school fees, rent, food, phone and internet bills bills bills …..I think about these people and I fell slightly sorry for them……..and I worry that this is what may be in store for me. So today I vow to savor every drop of my beautiful summer freedom.

10:55 a.m. - 2009-05-15


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