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Today I didn’t have to dash to an airport, or run for a train, roam around a city on a schedule or work. I had nothing or no one to report to or call on. I was awoken at 7am and so began a long day of nothing…….I always think I am waiting for this day to come, but when its here I just cant relax. I read a book, and then I started a new one. I cooked a huge meal, I went to centre, I emailed, msned, facebooked and twittered, I read the newspapers, and watched CNN, I tried to make arrangements for the big move. Still I cant help but feel restless…I need to be moving to feel alive- tomorrow I will go be a filthy tourist again…..i need to keep moving……..oh I have one new mail……….

9:07 p.m. - 2009-06-16


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