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The evening is closing in on me in Edinburgh. I can hear the traffic rambling up and down clerk street-and I am sitting in one of those poky internet cafes, it smells like disinfectant and air freshener and exhaust fumes , sitting here with 10 strangers under a gaudy uv light we all connect to people somewhere else. It’s a good time (as good as any) to reflect on my summer- my summer in Holland.
I had this gap- this perfect space between graduating and starting here- a nice job to keep me in cash and out of too much trouble, a nice place to live and great people around me- all the recipe for one great summer.
How rare I get to just enjoy my whole summer. So it is with a slight since of melancholy that I sit here about to undertake a whole new project and reflect. Perhaps this is what my teenage summers were supposed to be like? No school, a small job, a eurail pass, new destinations, a kite, 20k walks on beaches, laughing in the sun, wine and strawberries in the forest, kisses on top of windmills, drinks in Irish pubs, partying at festivals, street festivals, concerts ,gigs, and museums. I saw works of art by great masters, read some of van Gogh’s letters, strolled by canals at 5am, drink beers and cycled drunk through the city, had coffees and ate out with friends, kissed on top of a very windy lighthouse, had lots of visitors from overseas. Sang on my bike, learned to cycle with no hands, cycled though small villages, fell asleep in fields of tall grass, saw much of Holland, watched the corn grow tall and strong, went mountain climbing, graduated form school, discovered new authors, practiced yoga, got stoned in forest at midnight, saw flower fields in full bloom. I can go on and on and on and on………….I just hope I will be as happy here.

8:27 p.m. - 2009-08-03


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