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I have impatience with irresolution. I hate when I canít figure things out. I expect all my problems to be solved in 30 minutes have 2 commercial breaks and canned laughter and or applause at the end if appropriate. Life is a sitcom! Yes, I realise that no problem worth solving is this simple, but my brain has built neural pathways around having the answers at the back of the text book. I like tidy problems with all the data present, the obvious answer the most intuitive answer. I like Wikipedia and Google I like quick answers.

Doing research is a funny type of thing. Everyday I am faced with new problems and questions. Everyday I wonder why it is I donít know more, why my brain just cant remember everything Iíve ever read, why I cant invent a bio-chip I can put in my body so I can store all the data I read and help me in my latest research journey. Alas no such chip exists. I canít remember everything and I donít know everything. I presume any human being would be miserable if they could or did. But knowing nothing is no fun either. The more qualification I gather the more I realise the less I really know. Science makes me feel very stupid, and not only do I know I do not know, but I know tomorrow I will find a whole new bunch of questions that I know I donít have the answers too. Is ignorance bliss? And if it is shouldnít we all be a lot happier with all that bliss?

My solution to all this ignorance is distraction, and procrastination, coupled with throwing away the television and removing the net from my house , mixed in with a bit of embracing my own ignorance and getting Ďoot and abootí has made my time here in Edinburgh very nice indeed.

So although I may not make it through my 3 years, I am enjoyed life in Edinburgh. Taking random Mondays off to be a filthy tourist, climb Arthurís seat, Calton hill and Scots monument. Rambling down Prices street and lazing in the gardens, wondering when the tram line will ever open! Coffees on the Royal Mile watching street performers and wishing the piper could give it a rest. Hiking in the Highlands, jumping on random buses to new cities, lazing on the city beach in the sun , yep I am enjoying drinking in the meadows in the sun and taking nice long train trips, and when the weekdays come around again I drag myself back to the lab surf through facebook, I update this diary, I read very very interesting but not at all relevant science books, find interesting papers, I marvel at the world and I begin to love science again and then like vicious circle I realise I have no progress made and I start all over again.

ĎWe have built our education systems on the model of fast food. There are two models of quality assurance in catering. One is fast food where everything is standardised the other are things like Michelin restaurants where everything is not standardised they are customised to local circumstances. And we have sold ourselves into a fast food model of education and it has impoverishing our spirits and our energies as much as fast food is depleting our physical bodiesí-

7:08 p.m. - 2010-06-01


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