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all in a days work

All in a days work.

When you are standing by an escalator for nine hours a day you can have some very random encounters. Yesterday for example for half an hour this woman quoted poetry to me , as I was in the elevator a guy gets in wearing a gas mask , not a Michael jackson, sars style gas mask but a real scary war type yoke . I freaked out I thought he was a terrorist or something, and a 14 year old boy spent the best part of a hour telling me about the architecture of the city while clutching onto his prized possessions of a blue print of the golden gate bridge. 10 people came up to me because they felt sorry for me just standing person even tried to hug me .......people are bizarre but hey its all in a days work for a busy renovations assistant.

Its mardi gras today. The streets are being blocked off and there will be all kinds of going ons in the city. We are heading out to try and get on T.V and break the world record for largest amount of ppl dancing to the YMCA song.

12:19 p.m. - 2004-03-06


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