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When opportunity knocks

When opportunity Knocks

As I sit staring out at the Harbor Bridge looking for a job in todays paper, I wonder about a city that has so many opportunities. The job section has hundreds of positions.

This city wants boilermakers, yachtsmen (and yacht builders), skippers, sails designers, baristas (???).They want Parra planners (????) and private investigators, folder operators and migration agents they require horticulturists and landscapers by the bus load. But if all that is not suitable you can be a sandwich hand. (But only if u have up to 5 years experience)

And with all these weird and wonderful opportunities what do I get? I got a job standing beside an escalator for 10 hours a day. I kid u not. I travel for an hour across the harbor bridge every morning through towns with the funniest names like Waitara , Wahroonga , Warrawee and Wollstonecraft to name just a few. For $15/hr I have to spend the whole day just standing there like a right tool. (I knew my degree would come in handy some day).

For this job I had to have 'Training' watch safety videos and endure over 1 hr paperwork. According to my pay slips I am a renovations assistant. Might put that one on my C.V . Of course this job does have its advantages nobody really bothers me (besides the odd freak every now and then) nobody signs my timesheet and there is a cinema in the next level. So I am reinventing what it means to be renovations assistant (if ever there was a definition for it in the first place)

What's new in Sydney?? Well it's in the cool 20's .The revs are playing tomorrow night in the Gaelic club. That's gona rock. (And only $25) And Mardi Gras is this Saturday which will be awesome. But until the weekend I am gona be busy trying to look busy standing at my spot at the bottom of the escalator.

7:42 p.m. - 2004-03-03


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