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Davies babies rock

Frazier Island

What a month I have had. I have really been in Heaven. I have been travelling through a series of postcards.

Harvey bay was really a service point to get to Frazier Island. Frazier is the worlds largest sand island. But that means nothing it is simply amazing . It seems like every place I come across is more amazing that the last. But Frazier really is something else . I stayed there for 3 days and was completely captivated with it. Not only the Sand dunes and the magnificent coloured sands and its amazing history, but it also has the most beautiful lakes I have ever laid eyes on. Lake McKenzie has the most crystal clear blue waters I have ever seen . It has an amazing hypotonic property to it just by sitting and staring into that magical water.

I met a great bunch of ppl and had a laugh. All the time on the look out for freaky snakes and dingo's. Our tour guide was the most insane person I have ever met, and I could have gladly sat and listened to him ramble on about nonsense all day long. The weather was something else. High 30's during the day and insane crazy lightening storms all night. Its hard to be in the city ( and wear shoes) again after that. It was worth every single itchy mossie bite I have.

Davies babies ROCK!!!!!!

9:35 a.m. - 2004-02-04


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