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This holiday season was definitely weird....... but good weird. I finished in both jobs on xmas eve and said goodbye to all my work mates which kind of sucked. But then I headed straight into a party stretch. This was one electric week. Christmas day was quality. We packed food and wine and headed with the crowds to Bondi beach. The temperature was extreme .......well 4 me anyhow. How insane is it to sit on the beach eating burger king on Christmas. Nothing was closed even cloths shops were open in Bondi. To keep things traditional we had a massive turkey dinner that night.

I got up bright and early (: @) on St Stephens day to go and see the notorious Sydney- Hobart yachts race. Sat on the bank of the shores with the opera house to my left and botanical gardens to my right watching the most expensive yachts sail by and wonder'n what I shall call my boat?? Sales also start here on the 26th so the whole town went into chaos for the sales it was ridiculous. The streets were in gridlock just so ppl could buy half price rugs at David Jones. U would think ppl would be so sick of shopping but apparently they ant.

Finally got a chance to go clubbing on Oxford Street. It was wacked out. Very trendy and expensive but great fun. I have never been into a pub b4 that had a bin especially for syringes!! very bizarre

New years is gona go off. I had considered going to Byron Bay for like 5 minutes but the thought of the harbour bridge and the opera house light up with fireworks is to tempting to give up .Even for a free ride to Bryon Bay.

Okay so that is plenty of news to keep ye lot busy for a while. Hope everybody had as great a holiday as I did.

3:53 p.m. - 2003-12-28


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