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The Great Ocean road

The Great Ocean Road

Well that trip was..........different. We went with a large tour company and it just seems like they operate to keep every coffee shop and souvenir shop on the road between Adelaide and Melbourne in business. We stopped at every one of them and about 500 toilet blocks later we eventually arrived in Melbourne. I was getting a bit worried that I have seen so much great amazing stuff that it seemed like nothing was going to impress me again.

I wasn’t too impressed with any of the sights on day one or day two which included:

The big tree( not very big) but it was in a cold tropical forest ( which was cold)

The petrified forest was not what I had expected.

The blowhole did not make any noise

The bushwalk was interesting enough but not enough time to finish it

We spent 20 minutes in Cheeseworld??????????? What the hell!!!!! And only I5 minutes in the national Park!!!!!!!

It was nothing like the last trip.

But day three redeemed the tour….We started on the great ocean road….and yep its great alright. It stretches for over 300 kilometres . Starting south west of Melbourne it works its way along the stunning coastline of Victoria. We were just driving along and out of nowhere suddenly theres an amazing collection of rock sculptures including the world famous “Twelve Apostles' which is basically huge stone pillars sort of like sea stacks just sitting out in the middle of the sea . There was one stretch at the end which was just AWESOME !!! It had the most dramatic coastal scenery, with the road twisting and turning along cliffs, that are dotted with little hostels and cottages, and those hippy VW vans that I am going to have someday…It was amazing just sitting back driving through this. It seemed like it popped right out of a car add on T.V

We arrived in Mel safe and sound ( and tired ) at about 12 ish . I have already met ppl I knew from Sydney. I’m trying to plan the nxt stage now. Don’t think I will stay long here. Nice city very arty but I want to head out to phillip Island , and then as far east as I can get B$ the 5th of Feb. Must go check out the night life now.


sun and surf safaris ROCKED

P.P.S I left my phone somwhere on the great Ocean rd I wont have it again untill Tuesday.

7:17 p.m. - 2004-01-15


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