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Autumn Circles

August the month of madness arrived in Edinburgh and the streets are awash with musicians, artists and actors. You couldn�t move an inch without the threat of some comedian (or their sidekicks) throwing their act in your face, musicians in every nook and cranny and impromptu concerts left right and centre. Festival never sleeps, never stops and the energy keeps going. Where does the stamina come from.........

Hollyrood Park is a refreshing in contrast. Even with festival you can still find a thespian free spot in Hollyrood Park. If you walk 2 minutes away from a beaten track you can be alone in the middle of long tall golden grass....all is not quiet still however and the grass hums� a special melody in the wind. If you stay still and listen for long enough you can hear a secret orchestra. And the symphony is even more exquisite when you look beneath the rock and see bustling city a contrast to the peace of Hollyrood.

October has arrived. The parks have turned amber and I hope the quite winter will be a productive one. Working 2 jobs and living in Edinburgh with all its distractions means my PhD thesis is 2 months overdue. This city never stops celebrating some occasion- it makes writing/focusing on a thesis difficult. I feel my time here is drawing to a close I need to see more before I go- but the more I do the less time I have to write and then longer I need to stay......Autumn circles .

3:52 p.m. - 2012-10-25


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