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1. THE ARRIVAL. ------All those months i spent daydreaming at work about all the traveling ahead of me.....I kinda forget about the whole traveling side of it.....

you think, get to the airport and get to the hostel. Of course what I forgot about was the actual travel involved!!!!!! The whole two days of it!!!!!

Reality is que'n , customs quarantine, swollen feet, crying babies (These situations always have crying kids) horrible food (yuck)... the reality is the 5 hour wait at Heathrow, just sitting around ppl watching and then panicking at the last minute to find the right gate........and then onto a 20 hr flight. So then finally u get on the plane and just when u are getting really comfy playing solitaire on the in-flight entertainment system watching movies and knocking back vodkas u suddenly hit TURBELENCE and then the reality hits u ........... u are 2000 ft in the sky in a metal bucket heading at 600mph and its -45 degrees outside.....and then what happens......

well we end up in Bangkok!!!! dont ask

9:37 a.m. - 2003-08-21


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