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showering eating and dating in Sydney are extreme sports


boiling point....freezing point....boiling point ....freezing point....cockroach.....dont touch the walls..... boiling point.......freezing point...another..cockroach touched the walls ....cold...etc etc etc


I tried sushi ( is that how u spell it??) today. A real sushi train it was kinda fun siting there watching all these weird plates full of little parcels of raw fish and rice fly by. I picked the most ordinary looking dish . Called a California roll( i liked the name) it had crab meat, rice, cucumber all wrapped in seaweed!!!! needless to say i went to pizza place afterwards!!!YUCK


Today as i was sitting outside the hostel some crazed homeless drunk fecker comes up to me stares at me for like five minutes and declares ..." i wouldn't even buy u a drink".....homeless drunk old smelly git!!!! It has become my catchprase of the week. It is fun picking out the wackos in the nite clubs too. How can so many live in one city. Crazy like a fox!!!!

2:28 p.m. - 2003-09-16


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