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Sydney in the Spring Time


So I am here 4 weeks now and Sydney still rocks ....why . Well there are plenty of reasons but this is why I love Sydney

1. I can take a 10 minute walk to Darling harbour and spend all day just watching my boats coming in and out of the harbour , the seagulls attacking anything with food and the newbie's as the stroll by , while all the time listening to the music and the chit chat being pumped out by the many restaurants and cafes along the harbor

2. Strolling down George Street on the way home from woollies after getting my shopping, sipping on a fresh strawberry and vanilla smoothie watching all the ppl speaking 60 different languages.

3. Strolling through chinatown and just being amazed with the colours, signposts and strange smells. Then heading to paddys cheap fresh fruit and veg among other strange and unusual things.

4.Having a flat white in Starbucks while Damien Rice plays on the radio.

5.That the bar downstairs and Mcguire's knows what my usual is.


6.Hyde park at night ( this one can not be explained it must be seen ) AMAZING.

7.Ferries. (i love the ferries) especially at night when the ferry takes you into circular quay and you are watching the harbour bridge and the opera house surrounded by the lights of the city . Now that is fab.

8. Being asked for ID in EVERY pub and club in the town!!! i love that

9.The way nobody in this town will cross the street unless the green man comes on, even if there is no cars in sight...and then watching as they get confused when there is no green man on some roads!!!

10 Manly beach ( where the men ar manly!!)

11.The Botanic Gardens

12.The people and the movie room in my hostel.

13.The food and Food courts ( amazing ) there are way too many food courts in this city and nobody here has a problem eating their meal on the side of the streeet as all the food courts spill out onto the strets. There is an incredible amount of food shops from every nation here


15.All the great entertainment that's for free...Salsa concert in D.H last weekend. 16. Playing avoid the freeks in the clubs...its getting more interesting each week. So people say that all the big citys around the world are the same. Just a different mixture of Starbucks and retail stores and shopping centers and that may be true to a certain extent but Sydney certainly has a certain pace and tempo and a way about it that makes it unique.

1:52 p.m. - 2003-09-13


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