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So we moved to the beach yeepeeeee. This place is not exactly a tourist spot, it’s the heart of the burbs and the airport is just across the bay ,but this has its advantages its class watching the planes take off and land so close u can see the ppl on board. The place is full of shops but they are of no use to anybody…laundrettes and dry cleaners bait and tackle shops and things like that .Yet again loads and loads of eateries. Mostly seafood …not bad. Not a decent pub in sight .Only a old mans hotel bar…with as usual for here a Tab outlet running there(Tab=Paddy powers)

The house is great huge back garden and kitchen…. proper bathroom all mod cons (I could get used to this)

Swannies lost last night!!! Shocking and I had all the posters put up on the walls of Tadhg Kennelly and all!! Check out this link Telstra stadium where the match was on is where the Olympics were held. It’s a big tourist thing to go out and see it. But me and gill have had enough of that place we worked right beside it for a week. Today its over 30 degrees so I'm heading for the beach.

10:12 a.m. - 2003-09-22


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