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bank robbery

Life is strange.

On most Mondays I go down the road to the commonwealth bank to get my money out for the week.

On Saturday I lost my wallet in Paddys market. With $200 dollars and my weekly train ticket . I had to cancel all my cards and besides the fact that there was a lot of stuff in there that can't be replaced, I was also freaking out that my c.c. account would be cleared out. After spending nearly all my phone credit ringing banks I finally found out it wasn't. But i'm still down $200 and my wallet.

On Monday morning the common wealth bank was held up by three armed robbers. There were helicopters and squad cards flying about the place. Our road was closed off for half the day.It was all over the news. If i Hadn't lost my wallet i would have been in there on monday.........but I still think i would prefer to have my wallet.

12:44 p.m. - 2003-11-25


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