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Freak Free Zone

So itís December and it feels like it too. Itís still freaking raining here. However apparently this is freaky weather and any day now it will stop.......I'm still waiting. I'm sticking it out in Rockdale. I never moved after the whole wallet thing it kinda got difficult, but on a general consensus the lads moved out. NO IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!!!! I offered to move first. I wonít go into the details but itís safe to say we wont be swapping e-mails!!! So yesterday 3 Cavan girls moved in. We now have an all Irish house. A freak free zone!!! There is a real Christmas feel to the town. The landlord is giving us a Christmas tree. yeepeeee Santaís kingdom rocks. Its kinda like working in Disney land ( but smaller)I spend all day with Santa talking photos its kinda fun. And I have a pile of santa letters decorating the fridge, ( what else am i supposed to do with them??) Last night they fired up the Barbie and we had a night of hanging out at the lot drinking FREE beer. Also working in town so up until the 24th i have 2 jobs. Never thought i'd see the day. Well thatís about it. Rent due today ........still waiting on cards......

4:34 p.m. - 2003-12-02


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