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Bi-polar in Amsterdam

Friday was a bizarre day, along with killing my T.V while under the influence , running out of coffee (and all food in general) and running into strange people, I also lost my wallet (again) my mind for a while, and was caught in the rain for most of the day. It was a very miserable strange day. However the rain stopped and my life got better and overall this weekend rocked (I may also be slightly bi-polar)

The Aboriginal art gallery was indeed a very odd find in the heart of Utrecht but I really enjoyed and it brought back some good memories of aussie life. I made the most of weather and headed off to Amsterdam where I did partake in the manky tourist things, as you do in when in Amsterdam, but besides all that I also went to see the Famous Bodies exhibition.

I hear that there is controversy over this one, (something about where the bodies where sourced and dignity with which they where treated) leaving that aside (if you can), It was an amazing exhibition, I never did study on cadavers as most of my classmates would have, it was all new to me. The exhibits where outstanding, and all the time this artistic touch to the way the bodies where displayed, (art and science yea I was very happy) It was very different. When gazing at the intricate displays, it’s impossible not to ponder on life in all its exquisite glory. Everyday I focus on such tiny aspects of biology I forget how it all holistically works together in such amazingly engineered design (……..oops did I mention Intelligent Design, better not go there!!!)

My favourite display Had one body sitting like Rodins thinker, while the layers in his head had been peeled back to reveal his brain. It may sound dull to read about and I can’t convey in a few lines how amazing it was so I think it’s something that just has to be seen.

Pubs cafes funny shops , smokes and drinks, salami and brie! I rolled back to Utrecht that night in a happy daze and with some presents too ( thanks guys)

Today the weather reflect my happy mood and I took off with my neighbour to see what else Holland has to offer. And today it had plenty to offer, including, sunshine countryside , pretty old wooden farmhouses windmills, canals and tea houses, and as I sit out on my balcony with some new friends watching the sun go down and drinking proper tea I cant help but think….why oh why does the weekend go by so quickly…………

8:42 p.m. - 2007-03-11


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