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LaZy SuMmEr

I'm in a constant state of somnolence this week and cant seem to shake it, it's the lazy summer creeping into my bones. All is quiet here now; that the summer has sent most of the students packing back to mammy and daddy .But there is fun to be had if it is fun you seek! And so it was another week of living the good life in Utrecht (not Berlin!!) Snap shots from my week include:

My bike giving in (again) in the park at the dead of night, having to walk home with grease up to my elbows! Waking up Saturday morning with grease everywhere and my bike in my kitchen, ( I live on the 12th floor!!) Having a knight in shining armour ( with food) call round to fix my bike. A proper English gentleman!!

Finally got around to eating at the lovely quaint pancake house. Having dinners in those amazing little canal side restaurants. I love them . Cycles in the countryside ,watching yet another street theatre and another street party. Shopping sprees with cats in the city , thank god i have another person here that speak my language, and having random cups of T in different houses in the city. Today as nobody was about ( everybody is partying in Berlin :() i took myself to Amsterdam to visit Anne Franks hiding house. Having seen the insanely large queue to go in I sat outside 263 prinsengracht street and read her diary and imagined what life was like for her. It was a sombre day. lost in my thoughts and dreams of genetic counselling as a career and WW2 I got on the wrong train (again) and ended up in Rotterdam. ( i need someone to mind me)

..and so concludes the drama (printable version) of another week in Utrecht.

6:26 p.m. - 2007-07-28


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