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Welcome to Edinburgh

Itís been nearly 2 months since I disembarked the Scottish Viking with Jackie blue after my epic 19hour Journey from Zeebrugge. It was a lovely crisp sunny day at Roysth and I wasted no time - I set my sights across the Firth of Forth and with pretend purpose and since of excitement I innocently headed into Edinburgh City.
I arrived during Festival. I was warned that accommodation would be impossible, but nothing was going to stop me in my new saga and I set up shop at the base of Calton hill in the former Dutch consulate, looking directly out onto Arthurís seat. To arrive in Edinburgh during festival is an experience to appreciate. The city was awash with strange and wonderful characters, the city streets sprouted dance groups and fire eaters like growths out of the pavement. Music came from every corner, and no matter which way I turned a choir, bands, busker juggler, stilt walker, dancer or street mine were all to be found shouting and looking ridiculous to get the attentions of the densely peopled streets. With such a vibrant mix I didn't even do a double take when I saw 3 giant chickens walking down the royal mile or 2 beautiful Zulus in full tribal gear walk out of Waverly station. The locals that were not hiding out all seemed to me to be friendly and mostly I meet ppl from other nations. Yes Festival is about meeting Pirates and rambling around the city. Following Zulus to see where battles are being held, getting picked on by a cute green dragon called Piff and freewheeling down hills
September has brought quieter days however itís not been without its milestones and interesting moments. My social experiment of living solo without t.v and internet is still underway, and has in the short term seen me involved in many a drunken party and night out. The work continues ( to begin to start) and although I have not seen much of the city I am happy to know outside my cosy apartment there is a full bustling hilly windy friendly city out there to explore.

2:37 p.m. - 2009-10-01


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