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Through the deserts we tracked through the hot, hot, hot sun and windless dry days until we reached our oasis in the sand......The Meadows A.K.A Las Vegas. Its just so wrong to have an electric city with all its golf courses and water parks in the middle of the desert. But its here non the less....and it ROCKS. We got our selves posh digs( we stayed on the strip!!) for two days and partied VEGAS style. We rocked the night away until the strip became quiet and then we gambled!!! We left Vegas with sore heads and empty pockets ( of course i also arrived with empty pockets ) We then headed out onto the great states.

Arizona and Utah. My favourite states. Its so hot that the soil is baked to that wonderful red colour. It must be seen to be appreciated. Its hot its dry it seems lifeless and barren ( to the untrained eye) the colours are amazing with the canyons and cliffs and mountains of red rocks it would almost feel like being on mars ( if there wasn't a MacDonald's every couple of miles) It is another planet.

We are now on the last leg making our way through Idaho and up to yellowstone national park. We shall catch a rodeo or two in Montana before we head back to Seattle to complete our loop. Then what ?????? that's a good question.

12:50 p.m. - 2004-07-06


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