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This is LA

This is LA. This is the weird and wacky side of America. This city just feels like a giant slab of concrete with posh shops at one end and liquor stores and bail bonds at the other ( that's the end of town we usually end up in) . There is so much craziness here that it seems normal after a while to see a 5 squad car raid outside u're motel room or rollerblading electric guitar playing eccentric oddbod's just floating around,. And everybody here has a fascination with what's in the bins. Not just homeless or poor people everybody roots through bins its weird!. There is no stereotypes here and nothing is like u'd expect it to be. ......and then there's Hollywood in the middle of all the confusion and poverty.

There are shops here that will give u cash advances for u're next pay check. or shops for really desperate people where u can trade in u're car for cash and then there are shops that sell scarves that cost more then a car!

We did the tourist thing we came we saw and we left...thank god we left!!!!

12:46 p.m. - 2004-07-06


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