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Modern Technology and soft addictions

Soft Addictions are ( according to these wise ppl who define things) habits, compulsive behaviours, or recurring moods or thought patterns. Their essential defining quality is that they satisfy a surface want but ignore or block the satisfaction of a deeper need. They numb us to feelings and spiritual awareness by substituting a superficial high, or a sense of activity, for genuine feeling or accomplishment.

Yea I have plenty additions. Got to stop the brain from thinking, and plenty of net addictions message boards ,net texting, bebo hotmail, gmail yahoo etc ..........but then this freaks me out too the whole idea of instant non-stop communication with the world that upsets me. Yea yea I know its really a great thing that I can chat to my friends all over the world and its great to have knowledge at the flick of a switch. But the consequences are too much to cope with. Its proven ( by someone somewhere) that ppl need time on there own every now and then to for their mental health. But when do we get that. NEVER these days, its constant communication with the world cant be good for anyone. Before you had a friend half way around the world then u had a friend half way around the world regardless of weither you had a email bebo or txt from them. These apron strings kill me, and yet I still own a phone. Why hasn't he rang, why hasn't he texted, Why do I never make solid plans anymore, and ring ppl to ask stupid questions………………Modern technology sucks

here is my pleeeeee stop putting processors in everything those little chips will become as ubiquitous as water....embedded in everything from pencils and paper to earrings and handbags. So when hard times fall ( when the war comes) and you have no way of powering your mobile checking your email nucking you TV dinner who will have the skills to survive, Can you read the sky?

however as I rant and rave, I am also preparing for another solo trek, and how I will go from a busy house full of people coming and going , from pubs where everybody knows my name, from a city where i cant walk down the street without knowing everybody to a cold dull Utrecht road i don’t know how I shall cope, so modern technology may well suck but don’t listen to a word i say .......... Txt me e-mail me make sure I’m alive every now and then, oh and party in Utrecht 4 paddy’s day :)

4:27 p.m. - 2007-01-23


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