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Disclaimer Ė this blog shall be entirely about me me me me me me me me if you are in a happy joyful cheery mood I would advise you not to read any further. If you are deluded into thinking England is a nice place sign out now, if you have any intention of visiting ĎGreatí Britain, then please delete this mail and read no further......what I am about to describe is a true story of the events that unfolded between 09.30 -12.00 this morning on the 11th of November. - A simple bus journey Eva Style. ...and by the way I HATE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!

So I awoke (which meant I survived the night) with the lights on.....another sleepless night ( I hate this country) I decided to run off to town to avoid any confrontations, Of course the trains where not running ( I hate this country) and so I got on the bus . the driver lied and told me it was going into town ( I hate this country) a scary woman with a pit bull sat down beside me I was afraid to move, and so for about an hour I endured a pit-bull eyeing me up and drooling all over me ( I hate this country) I am not sure if the dog smelt bad or the crazy woman but now I smell of wet dog ( I hate this country) when she finally left the bus it was raining and I hadn't a clue where I was so I said sure Iíll just stay on the bus and see where it takes me....visions of Denver did cross my mind but sure hey what harm right?? By now it was at least 1:00, and in the next 30 minutes I put up with a gang of durka durkas playing some very loud whinny tradition music on their radio.....I decided I would chalk this up to a 'cultural experience', even if my head was splitting......I got over a violent outbreak where the bus driver was being verbally abused by a very angry guy for not driving fast enough past a 11th November remembrance day service....But when some young black dude started playing SNOOP NOGGY NOG!!! Thatís when I knew I HAD to GET OFF THE BUS!! (I hate this country, maybe as much as Snoop Noggy NOG!) about an hour and a half after I got on it was I finally admitted time to find another one........eventually I got into town where it was mobbed, by pod people all buying buying buying robots.( I hate this country)

I would never live here, (okay well I am living here but.....) Itís grey and dull and I have a slight feeling of oppression every time I try to do something. Iím surprised I donít have to go around with my ID stapled to my forehead. There are more rules and regulations than the USA, the other day I got searched at the main train station....I was disgusted! ( I hate this country). These people live here with absolutely no personal freedoms.....they even look unhealthy! So I hid out from the POD people in starbuck and spent the remaining cash I had on a tall hazelnut latte. it cost £3 ( I hate this country)...........but I survived , of course now I have to find my way home, I donít fancy another grey hound experience and hey did I mention I HATE THIS COUNTRY!!!!

3:40 p.m. - 2007-11-12


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